React JS course resources for any newbies!

React JS course needed? Wanting to learn React like me? Of course you do. I have found on my search that it’s an absolute minefield of finding decent understandable resources for any person starting their journey. A foundation in JS is a must, so start there before you proceed.

React being one of the most popular front-end Javascript frameworks today, finding those all important resources you need could be a daunting one. It can also be confusing knowing what will really teach you the basics in order to start building fantastic React Apps.

Alecaddd (

Alessandro Castellani or Alecaddd on Youtube has an easy to follow, stripped back channel on React right from beginner to more advanced tutorials and topics. I’ve yet to touch on the more advanced. With over 92K subscribers and an array of videos on not just React JS, you are sure to start your journey off to a good start.


Codeacademy’s long standing platform has a fantastic React JS Course for anyone wanting a hands on experience with great tutorials. You do not need a test site locally, as all this is online, meaning you can learn at your own pace. Great for anyone who is hands on like me, because after all being able to see your code in real time really helps.

Have any great suggestions? Leave in the comments below as I would love to hear them!

Happy Coding!


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